2 Fast 2 Furious Vid

Hello everybody.

Well, as the title says I think I'm gonna try to make a 2 fast 2 furious video too, just like I did for the Tokyo Drift video.
What cars i gonna use?

- Skyline
- S2000
- Supra
- Rx7
- Evo VII
- Eclipse spyder
- Mustang 03 (red)
- Corvette
- E36 (black)
- Viper (yellow)
- Hemi cuda (orange)
- Camaro (blue)

Because of the ammount of cars I'll have to record the scenes when using the cars i need for that scenes, using them all at same time on SA-MP won't be possible, it will fuck up my graphics.

update: I got the RIGHT Eclipse Spyder, with my own edited paintjob and wheels on it, so that's ok, thanks Emmanuel :D

Hope it will work :p